Have you ever had a vacation planned but felt stressed out or anxious because you didn’t know what you were going to do with your beloved pets? Peace for Pets is the answer! We offer a variety of services to help…

  • Doggie Daycare

  • Day Adventures at the Ranch

  • Boarding

  • Training

Peace for Pets is the answer to keeping you and your pets at peace while you are away. Whether you are going on a vacation, a weekday business trip, have a family emergency, or just working late, Peace for Pets will provide your pets with the best in pampering and care. Your dogs will come to our fun and fenced in 40 acre ranch to go back to their roots of running with a pack.

 Our Mission

Our philosophy is to ensure your pet is healthy and at peace while you are away. Staying at the ranch is truly what your dog deserves. We do our best to customize all services and can accommodate most requests. We require a free trial for all new dogs to make sure our staff is able to meet your pups needs and make sure they will be happy at our facility.


Our kennel-free boarding facility is also our home, so your dog will receive more intimate care than in traditional boarding. Many dogs who do not do well in traditional boarding, thrive here at the ranch!

Our secluded 40-acre property is located high in the hills near Kamas and allows the dogs to freely and safely enjoy the fresh mountain air in our large fenced yard and on private trails. We offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off services to and from our bus stops (or to your home for an additional fee) to all our boarding guests.  Boarding also includes some type of daily adventure for each night of stay!

With access to a large, natural, fenced area with trees, bushes and lots of space to run, dogs have plenty of opportunity to play, explore, and exercise their senses. Guests have free range of both indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the day. At night the dog door is closed, and they settle inside for some much needed rest.

Doggie Daycare

Our doggie daycare is one of our most popular services! With complimentary pick-up and drop-offs at our designated bus stops, this can be the perfect answer for your busy days where your pup is usually home alone. One of our amazing employees will be stationed at our bus stops between 7-7:30AM or (for an additional fee) will swing by your home in the morning between 8-10AM to grab your furry friend and bring them up to the Peace for Pets facility. They join our pack of dogs and are escorted on some private trails in the mountains so they can run and play without the disturbances or dangers of city life.

After some physical and/or mental exercise, they return to our kennel-free facility that is adorned with dog beds and places to play where they spend the rest of their day taking naps, playing with friends or sniffing around the yard. At the end of the day, they are gathered up into our van with the other daycare pups and are brought back to their bus stop or your home (for an additional fee) between 4-6PM, usually exhausted and ready for some snuggles from their favorite people.

This service is a favorite of those people who work long days, skiers who spend their days up on the mountains and/or dogs who just need a little extra help getting tired out.


Similar to our daycare services, we also provide day adventures up in the mountains. Your pup (or pups) will be picked up in the morning from your bus stop or home (for an additional fee) and brought out to our facility. They too join the pack and head out into the hills for a hike and/or a day of play. After the big hike and/or morning playtime, instead of sticking around the facility until the evening, your pup will be brought back to their bus stop or your home in the afternoon.



We have recently teamed up with a long-time dog trainer to provide a more complete experience for your pup! Now on top of the physical exercise, if you sign up for training your pup will now receive some type of mental exercise as well (depending on their needs, and your wants). Some of the most common things we will work on are; puppy training for your young pup who needs some guidance, separation anxiety, not jumping, the off-leash recall, being respectful of other dogs and humans, and whatever else you and your dog may be struggling with.