We have recently teamed up with a long-time dog trainer to provide a more complete experience for your pup! Now on top of the physical exercise, if you sign up for training your pup will now receive some type of mental exercise as well (depending on their needs, and your wants). Some of the most common things we will work on are; puppy training for your young pup who needs some guidance, separation anxiety, not jumping, the off-leash recall, being respectful of other dogs and humans, and whatever else you and your dog may be struggling with.


in home consultation with trainer

For the complete training experience, our trainer will come to your home for a consultation where you will talk about your dog(s) and the expectations and hopes that you have for your dog. After the initial consultation, our trainer will work with your pup up at the facility so they can begin to learn new things and tire out their minds.

Price for initial in home consultation: $50.00

Off Leash Recall Package

This package is great for those happy go lucky dogs that love to play in our beautiful out doors but do not want to come back to you when you call. Give us 4 days and 3 nights or 4 days of daycare and your dog will learn they get even more freedom if they listen to you call them to come.

Price for Off Leash Recall Package: $495.00

This includes the days of training and follow up lessons to make sure your furry friend knows to listen to you as well as the trainer.

Owner will need to purchase an off leash collar for training at home.

House Training Package


Do you need help teaching a new puppy or even a newly adopted dog with some house training skills? We can help! With this package your pup gets to experience all the best that Peace for Pets has to offer and they get to go home with the trainer at night to learn house training skills.

Give us 2 weeks and to help teach your pup house training skills including  crate training, indications to ask to go outside, scheduled feeding and daily routine for potty breaks, and basic house manners and behavior behavior, and if the puppy is old enough we also teach the off leash come.

Price for House Training Package:  $1595.00


Doggie Boot Camp Package

Are you struggling with some scary and difficult behavioral issues with your beloved pet? Dog aggression, fear issues, separation anxiety, barking and lunging at humans or guarding food or toys. Let Peace for Pets help you find happiness and peace with your pet!

Our boot camp packages were created to help with the toughest issues.

Give us 2 to 3 weeks of intensive training living with a trainer and going on extensive field trips to help you pup learn proper social behaviors and lessons with you so you can learn how to handle your newly trained dog.

Price for doggie boot camp: $2495.00

Includes 2 to 3 weeks intensive training, living with a trainer and field trips with as many follow up lessons as you need to feel comfortable handling your trained dog.


Socialization & Confidence Building

Is your sweet pup showing fear issues with the world? Places? People? Other Dogs? Add socialization field trips to your daycare or boarding day!

We take your pups out to see the world in a safe and controlled setting. We help your dog learn that the world is not as frightening as they thought.

Price for

Mental exercise at facility

If you don’t want the full training experience, we also offer mental stimulation for your dog! This might include taking some time to solve a treat puzzle, or practicing some of their basic obedience commands. Combining both physical and mental exercise gives your dog a well-rounded experience and leaves them tired and happy by the time they return home to you.



Our trainer, Roxann runs her own non-profit rescue; Grey Whiskers. Grey Whisker’s mission is to help transform the way our society views and reacts to aging animals by helping to manage the issue of countless senior animals in shelters by way of foster, hospice care, education and outreach within our community.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to donate to this amazing cause, please visit!

$50.00 for initial at-home consultation with our trainer

$125 to enroll in socialization and/or extra mental stimulation for regular boarding or day adventures

$20 for Daily Mental Exercise after initial training package

$30 for Daily Socialization Field Trip

$150 For Private Lesson at your home or park

$100 For a day of full training (either daycare or overnight at trainer’s home) This does not include the private lessons as the packages do

A La Carte