Q: What should I send with my dog if he/she is boarding?

A: Please send your dogs own food and any medications along with a note with detailed feeding instructions; dogs do best when kept on a consistent diet. We have plenty of beds, leashes and bowls here at the ranch, so you can keep yours at home. Also, please keep toys at home. We try to keep a toy free environment to avoid any negative pack dynamics. We have toys here to bring out when appropriate, and your dog will have lots of fun just playing with his/her friends or exploring outside.


A: The biggest difference between doggie daycare and day adventures is their drop off time. Whether your dog is boarding, coming up for daycare or only for adventures they all get to go out on a big hike through the mountains with the pack. Dog’s who come up for daycare will stay after the big hike until the early evening and will be dropped off back at their bus stop or your home between 4-6PM whereas dogs who are only coming up for day adventures will be taken back home after the big hike and tend to come home between 1-3PM.

There is also a small price difference, dogs who stay at the facility for longer for daycare will be charged $40 a day whereas dogs who are only coming up for day adventures will be charged $35 a day.

Q: Are dogs separated by size?

A: All dogs are pre-screened and continuously observed to ensure appropriate pack behavior with dogs of all sizes. However, sometimes dogs are separated into groups or areas based on temperament to ensure the best pack dynamic and a fun, safe environment.

Q: Will my dog get hurt?

A: The safety of your dog is extremely important to us. We screen and monitor all dogs and make every attempt to exclude dogs with aggressive behavior. However, dogs use their mouths & paws to play and we are often running and exploring outside where there are sticks, rocks, or other sharp objects; therefore, little scratches & nicks are not uncommon. If any serious injury occurs, we will notify you immediately and transport the dog to a nearby veterinarian if needed.

Q: Will my dog get sick interacting so many other dogs?

A: We try to prevent possible illness and take necessary precautions. However, just as with children at school or daycare, viruses may be passed between dogs. If your dog comes down with anything contagious, please keep him/her home until your vet says it’s okay to return. The good news is, the more your dog interacts with other dogs and is exposed to minor bugs, the stronger his/her immune system becomes.


A: 4 months and be up to date on their vaccinations

Q: Where are the bus stops located?

A: Quinn’s Junction Dog Park and The Fresh Market in Pinebrooke


A: Current Rabies, DHPPC and Bordatella

Q: Will my dog get dirty?

A: Sometimes, but you’ll know they had fun! We try our best to clean your dog before dropping them off, but we can not always get them spotless.

Q: Do I need to be home when you pick up or drop off my dog?

A: If you plan on using our complimentary shuttle stops you must be there until your dog is passed off to one of our employees to ensure their safety.

If you are paying extra to have them picked up and dropped off at home then no. We are licensed, bonded and insured to enter your home in your absence. So, whether you need to be away for work or play, we can arrange a seamless pick-up and drop-off.

Q: What areas or cities do you service?

A: We service all areas of Park City including Jeremy Ranch, Pinebrook, Summit Park, Promontory and Park City. The towns we service are Park City, Oakley, Peoa, Kamas, Francis, and possibly Heber.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: As of right now we only take check or cash. Payment is due at the start of a service but we don’t cash checks untill the end of the service.

Q: Are you Licensed, Bonded, Insured?

A: Yes to all three

Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: Text message or phone call to 801-682-9436, or email peaceforpets18@gmail.com

Q: Do you groom pets?

A: We will brush hair or remove stickers and mats, and can bathe your dog for an extra fee but additional grooming is not offered at this point. Although if your dog is boarding with us for more than 10 days they will get a free bath before going home!

We also offer nail clipping for an extra fee as well.

Q: What do you do if something happens to my pet while under your care?

A: We would try to contact you immediately. If it is a health emergency, we seek the immediate care suitable for your pet, this while still trying to reach you. If we are not able to reach you, we will contact the emergency contact on your service agreement… thus all the paperwork. All emergency details will be specified during the initial client sign-up process. We collect information such as: Veterinary details, Veterinary release, and emergency contact information.

Q: Why do you require a free trial before my dog can board with you?

A: We look forward to meeting you and your pet in person so that we can make sure we are a good fit for you and your pet. We find that is is much easier to discuss your pet’s needs in person, and it helps for you to see our facility and how we do things before your dog comes up. It also helps us get to know your dog and how they interact with the other dogs before they actually spend the night. After the merger with Hank & Bullets, we also require an initial meet and greet with all existing clients.

Q: can you Explain the free trial?

A: Our mandatory free trial will be scheduled by one of our employees (usually on weekends) but we can accommodate if that doesn’t work for you. We ask that you drop off your pooch to the facility in the morning, usually about 9am. We want to make sure your dog has the best experience and hopping in a van full of strange dogs can often be overwhelming which is why we require you bring them up for their first day. They will stay at the facility with the pack during the day so our staff can get to know them and make sure they will enjoy their time there. At the end of the day, (once they have gotten to know the pack) they are usually happy to get in the van with their friends for the ride back to your shuttle stop (or home).

Q: Have you ever gone by another name?

A: We have recently merged with Mountain Hounds and Hank & Bullets