Our Peace for Pets team is vital to the care provided for your pets. Each team member brings different skills and backgrounds to Peace for Pets, but the most important attribute about each of them is their intense love for animals and their dedication to their happiness.




Breanna Wright is the amazing, motivated owner and founder of Peace For Pets. Since she was a small child she always had a passion and interest in taking care of animals. As a child she would always bring home stray or injured pets because she cared so much for them. This passion and interest in animals led her to study wildlife conservation because she wanted to help protect animals that don’t have a voice. She graduated from Weber State University with a B.S. in Zoology (study of animals) and a minor in Botany (study of plants). Breanna’s degree has allowed her to work with a great variety of wildlife including brine shrimp, many species of fish, neo-tropical birds, desert tortoises, kangaroo rats and even rattlesnakes in the Mojave Desert in Nevada.

To pay for her college tuition, Breanna worked at a few pet daycare/kenneling and self dog wash facilities. She gained valuable experience learning different ways to make dogs more comfortable when they are not in their natural environment. During the day most of the dogs seemed to be comfortable but at night she began to notice that the dogs were more anxious than normal. She also felt intense empathy for older pets because kenneling can be so hard on them. For these reasons she decided to dedicate herself to others by starting her own business where she can treat other people’s animals as if they were her own. Being an avid traveler but also having two dogs and a leopard tortoise she understands a pet owner’s stress and anxiety when they have to take their pets to a standard kennel. Because of this she always would find a friend or family member to take care of them in their natural environment but even this can be stressful finding someone you trust with your furry or scaly kids. For she has never though of her animals as pets, but as part of her family.

The good news for you is that you can always have a peace of mind when you are away from home knowing that Peace For Pets is there taking the absolute best care of your pets. She wants to bring peace to you and your pet and by something she has always been so passionate about. Having always had a special connection with animals, Breanna would love to apply her experiences to caring for your dog the way she always hoped hers would be treated.

In her spare time, Breanna volunteers for the Humane Society of Utah doing outreach, walking dogs and help in daily duties. She has earned a certificate from the american red cross in dog and cat first aid.

In 2017 Peace for Pets merged with Mountain Hounds and Hank and Bullets and will be continuing their services under the Peace For Pets brand.

Read this published article for Weber University by Breanna Wright (Bartosz ) et. al.

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Alida Limberg has been one of our most solid and trustworthy caretakers of our pack. She absolutely love hanging out with her four legged friends! Being from South Louisiana, Alida has always been surrounded by animals! Her passion for animals began in childhood. While growing up, Alida had close connections to people caring for animals. She spent her time shadowing her best friend’s mom work at the local nature center, helping to rehabilitate animals. If she learning from her, Alida was either helping her godfather with his horses or snuggled up with her two pups at home!

Alida’s family now has three dogs, including her furry best friend Bear who is now 6! Bear could spend all day at the park, running around and playing ball. And when she finally gets tired, loves taking naps in her hammock! Helping care for your best friend has been Alida’s dream job! She began pet sitting for friends and family in high school and never imagined that she would be doing it everyday, but has been so thrilled that her life has led her to spend her days working for Peace for Pets.


John has been with Peace for Pets since July of 2018. He joined the team because he wanted to spend more time outside and was homesick from his dog Fizzygirl. John has grown up around animals his entire life. Born and raised near Pittsburgh, PA, John has been taking care of pets his entire life. Among the pets he had to leave back home with his parents are two cats, Bobcat and Fergie, and one dog, the incorrigible Fizzygirl.

John can often be found in a literal “Dog Pile” of love and affection from all the doggies out at the Ranch

John has been a resident of Park City since late 2017. While not on the clock, he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, reading, and chess.


Miranda hull has always had a place in her heart for animals.  Growing up she has had many different pets from dogs to cats to horses to even raccoons.  She always played nurse to animals making sure they were taken care of and loved. She loves spending her time hiking and playing with the dogs.

Miranda, stumbled upon this job and fell in love and never plans to leave. Working at Peace for Pets and caring for the dogs has fulfilled into a life goal for her.

She also loves to paint and has started painting beautiful works of art with our dogs. She's been doing art since she first held a pencil. She has been painting animals for years now and loves to capture the love and life in her animals paintings.

Commissioned Pieces Available


Ruby has had a passion and soft spot for animals her whole life. While growing up she had chickens, dogs, cats, and horses. Ruby started dog walking and pet sitting when she was 14 and never wanted to stop. When she stumbled upon this job it sounded too good to be true. She hasn’t been with us for a long time but has already fallen in love with it. 

Ruby rode horses for 8 years and competed in Eventing. She is taking a short break but plans on continuing it soon. When she wasn’t riding she was found loving on any animal she could. Ruby has two dogs at home Stella, a boxer mix and Rosie, a silky terrier. When they aren’t cuddled up in bed they are out hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, traveling, and camping. Her dogs will always come first and she always wants your furry friends to feel the same love.


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From early childhood, Christi has always known that she would wind up working with dogs. There has always been an indescribable draw towards her canine companions that she could never explain. After years of relentless bargaining with her parents, they finally allowed her to get a dog despite the fact that both her brother and father were highly allergic. This dog, Sirus changed her life forever. Christi quickly learned how much she related to and understood the canine spirit. When it came time to go off for college, she seriously contemplated staying at home so that she could stay with him. After his passing, she felt lost and vulnerable and was aching to find a way to spend time with dogs. Distraught, she moved back home in order to figure out what to do next.

It was a few months after his passing, when a friend from a local vet clinic told her about a job opening, and since that day she has worked with dogs in one way or another. Working at the clinic opened her eyes to the possibilities of working with dogs. She couldn’t believe that she could get paid to be surrounded by the creatures she loved most in this world. After a couple years working in the clinic, Christi went back to college in Oregon where it wasn’t long before she found another job at a boarding facility. She was pursuing a degree in physical therapy, but this job changed things for her once again. This facility became her favorite place, her oasis from school and helped her realize that she would only be happy if working with dogs was in the picture, which meant not pursuing physical therapy any longer.

After graduating and moving back home to Utah, she began working at a dog rescue with our long time trainer who was able to show her how much training can truly help the dogs she had always cared about. Christi had always known she wanted to help dogs, and now with her knowledge of training she finally had a way to do that beyond just caring for their basic needs. She was motivated to learn everything she could about dogs and the ways we humans can help them, because her new dog at home was quite the handful. After a couple years of hard work under her master trainer, her dog, Aspen has finally been able to make strides towards being less afraid and reactive. Working through her own dog’s issues helped Christi learn just about everything she needed to know about training and allowed her to see how much training can truly help dogs (and their owners). Seeing this transition first hand just reaffirmed what Christi had always known deep down. That helping dogs was her true calling. She has followed her master trainer over to Peace for Pets where there was plenty opportunity to help canines and their owners to provide better lives for both the dogs and the people who love them.