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Summer Pet Tips

Summer Time In Utah

Summers in Utah are very beautiful with snow tipped mountains and wildflowers everywhere. It is also a time for pet owners to pay special attention to the heat. Leaving a pet (or child) in a vehicle is life threatening as temperatures can reach 120F+ in a few minutes. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the summer months:

  • Don’t take your puppies with you in your car unless you can leave the air conditioning on full blast.  Never leave your pup in a parked car with just the windows cracked if its 50 degrees or hotter out because the car can get to over 120 degrees F within minutes. A dog can or will get heat stroke or die.
  • If your dog gets to hot move them to a shady spot in the cool grass and dump water all over and let them drink alot of cool water. If an ice pack is close by put that on them.   ( Dogs don’t have sweat glands so the only way they can cool themselves is by panting and through their paw pads. Signs of Heat Stroke: Collapse, body temp above 104 D F, bloody diarrhea or vomiting, seizures or coma, excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, foaming at mouth or salivation.) If they experience extreme heat stroke get them to vet immediately.
  • Before you go on a walk, make sure the ground temperature won’t burn your pups paws, we wear shoes and don’t always realize how hot the summer sidewalk can get.
  • If you take your pup hiking be aware that we have poisonous rattlesnakes everywhere in Utah.  Vets have an anti-venom, but it’s really expensive. Some vets have a vaccine for rattlesnake bites.
  • Dogs love going for rides but make sure they can’t or won’t jump out of your window or the back of a truck, alot of dogs get hurt every day because they fall out of the window or the back of trucks. If your going over 20 mph your pup will get severely injured and or you can run them over.
  • Try and keep a few bottles of water  and a bowl in the car in case you and your pup get stranded or in a long traffic jam.
  • It’s always good to have a 72 hour Emergency kit both in your home and in your car.  Some things that are good to include: Emergency Contact List, Emergency Card (disaster prevention), Photograph of you and your pet, 24 hour vet number, medications, food and water. KSL 1160 a.m. and 102.7 F.M. are broadcasts for emergency radio. Never leave your pet in an emergency, always take them with you. Alot of animals died and were stranded in hurricane Katrina, not being able to escape the house.  They didn’t have food or water.


  • Deer ticks that carry Lyme Disease have not been recorded in Utah, however it is a good idea to protect your pet with a flee and tick prevention such as Advantix®.
  • Heart worm is big in Utah, carried through mosquitos, so make sure your pet is getting their monthly heartworm medicine along with their normal vaccines.
  • Please spay or neuter your pet to help reduce the amount of innocent animals being Euthanized in shelters.  Every day thousands of healthy pets are Euthanized in our shelters due to high numbers of dogs and cats being brought in, especially during the summer.

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