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Service & Price List

We currently only service existing clients for in-home petcare.

All prices are for the Park City area. Other locations may vary.

Contact us for a consultation 435-200-4998.

♥ We offer 5% off all services for rescued pets. ♥


Kennel Free Boarding (per day)

  • 1 Dog – $50
  • Each additional Dog – $25

Day Adventure

  • 1st Dog – $30
  • Each additional Dog – $15
  • Shuttle Fee (one way) – $5

Other Services

  • Consultation – $20
  • Pet Taxi Service (one way) – $20
  • Major Holiday Fee (ea visit) – $10
  • Administering Medication – $2 to $4
  • Doggie Doo Cleanup Session – $125
  • Livestock Feed & Water (1 to 5 hrs dep on # of animals) – $40+
  • Exotic Pets (30min cage cleaning, feeding & attention) – $30


Our Mission



As your pet gets to stay at home in their own safe peaceful environment, they are happier, healthier and more at peace. We promote a tranquil and peaceful environment for all pets.



Our goal is to love your pet as if they were our own. We will quickly find out what they like and gladly offer special treats, massages and play sessions to make your pet feel truly loved.



Each pet gets playtime with their favorite toy, or whatever activity keeps them happy. We encourage positive reinforcement and and a can-do playful attitude.



With our services, most dogs are walked, rolled bladed, hiked or jogged. Exercise keeps animals happy and healthy. We will adapt to most medical situations and offer a healthy and safe environment.



We promote good communication. Therefore, you will receive frequent updates on your pet’s status via text message or email. We will send photos and progress reports daily.




As we spend time with your pet we will notice if something is out of the ordinary. We will tend to many types of health related issues, such as  tooth brushing, sticker removal, and other common problems. If a vet appointment is required we will contact you.


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