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Park City Dog Boarding Daycare & Adventure

  Park City Dog Boarding- Experience the Adventure! Park City dog boarding daycare and adventure clients: Peace For Pets recently merged with “Mountain Hounds Adventure Daycare and Boarding“, and “Hank and Bullets”....

Park City Pet Sitter TV Tips

As seen on Park City TV June 27th 2017, Park City’s top pet sitter Breanna (owner of Peace For Pets) offers tips for pet care during hot summer months....

Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

Hiring a Pet Sitter Will Help Keep Your Newly-Adopted Dog on the Right Training Track If you have recently adopted a dog from your local shelter, then congratulations: you are one of...

Pets Locked in Hot Cars Soar

Instances of Pets Locked in Hot Cars Soar with Summer Temperatures Temperatures are rising throughout the country with the coming of summer, and with the rising heat, instances of pets being trapped...
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