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My name is Breanna Wright.  I am the owner of Peace For Pets. Since I was a small child I have always had a passion and interest in taking care of animals.  As a child I would always bring home stray or injured pets because I cared so much for them.  This passion and interest in animals led me to study wildlife conservation because I wanted to help protect animals that don’t have a voice.  I graduated from Weber State University with a B.S. in Zoology (study of animals) and a minor in Botany (study of plants).  My degree has allowed me to work with a great variety of wildlife including brine shrimp, many species of fish, neo-tropical birds, desert tortoises, kangaroo rats and even rattlesnakes in the Mojave Desert in Nevada.

To pay for my college tuition I worked at a few pet daycare/kenneling  and self dog wash facilities.  I gained valuable experience learning different ways to make dogs more comfortable when they are not in their natural environment.  During the day most of the dogs seemed to be comfortable but at night I noticed that the dogs were more anxious than normal.  I also felt really bad for older pets because kenneling is hard on them.  For these reasons I decided to dedicate myself to others by starting my own business where I can treat other people’s animals as if they were my own.   Being an avid traveler but also having two dogs and a leopard tortoise I understand a pet owner’s stress and anxiety when they have to take their pets to a kennel.  I always find a friend or family member to take care of them in their natural environment but even this can be stressful finding someone you trust with your furry or scaly kids. For I don’t think of my animals as pets, but as part of my family. My services are for those who consider their pets as family members and don’t want to take them out of their home.

The good news for you is that you can always have a peace of mind when you are away from home knowing that Peace For Pets is there taking the absolute best care of your pets.  I want to bring peace to you and your pet and do something I am so passionate about.   I’ve always had a special connection with animals and would love to bring my experiences into your home.

In my spare time I volunteer for the Humane Society of Utah doing outreach, walking dogs and help in daily duties. I have earned a certificate from the american red cross in dog and cat first aid.

Read this published article for Weber University by Breanna Wright (Bartosz ) et. al.

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Growing up I was the little kid who would come home and beg my parents to keep the kitten I had found that was abandoned, or the ferret that needed a good owner, or the bird that fell out of its nest. This path eventually led to a particular interest in animals and wildlife. I’ve spent a majority of my life with such a keen interest in animals and I feel like working with them has become second nature.

After graduating high school I decided to participate in an unpaid internship in Connecticut. It was at Wildlife in Crisis Center and I was to develop my skills and knowledge about animal rehabilitation, emergency care, general care, and animal behavior. Throughout the years I divided my time between class, work, and volunteering at animal shelters, raptor/wildlife rehabilitation facilities and pet sitting/dog walking. I’ve also spent a lot of time helping my friends train their wild little fur babies. This often includes troubled rescue pets. I find this very fun and rewarding helping friends gain insight into their pet’s behavior. I am proud to say I am certified in Dog & Cat CPR.

After spending much of the last few years working and traveling across the country I plan to return to school for a degree in Biology or Zoology. My goal is to have a career that surrounds me with and revolves around the creatures I’ve spent so much of my life loving and caring for. In my spare time I love to rock climb, snowboard, and hike in the Uinta Mountains of Utah.


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My name is Caitlin Burris, and spending time with your furry friends is my dream job.  Growing up, my best friend was a Labrador named Nelly. Over the years, our family pack grew with the addition of five more dogs and several cats. I loved being surrounded by animals and observing their intricate pack dynamics. I attended UCLA  in 2011, where I studied Communications and Television. I dearly missed my animal friends, but I enjoyed taking courses on animal behavior. Now, having graduated and moved to Park City, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spend my days caring for the happiness and welfare of your pets! I am proud to be certified in pet CPR.

In addition to working with animals, I’ve also enjoyed putting my Television emphasis to use. I serve as Director of Live Programming for the local television station, PCTV. Naturally, my favorite guests are animals- including boa constrictors, a four-day old calf, an alligator, a therapy kangaroo, and weekly kitty and puppy visitors.  Between Peace for Pets and PCTV, I’m never bored and I count myself very fortunate that I get to spend time with such fun and interesting critters.

My other interests include photography, guitar, and enjoying the outdoors- skiing, hiking, biking, backpacking and camping.  I love the mountain lifestyle here in Park City. It’s such a beautiful place to live and work!



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Hi, people call me Cherry and being outside with my four legged companions is my jelly jam.  I always have my pups with me whether I am paddle boarding, fishing, backpacking, running, cross country skiing, biking or canyoneering.  I have always enjoyed animals and if I am not outside enjoying nature, I am usually jamming with David Attenborough inside watching all the places and creatures I still have yet to see.

I am originally from Wyoming, so naturally I grew up on the back of the horse. My ambitious parents took us camping as children, often with the horses, and it was our responsibility to tend to the horses when the sun rose and when the sun set.  We had to know what spooked the horses, what motivated them, and that the horse knew that we were the leader.  I use this same method with man’s best friend and we have a great time.

This is my prize, my world Nala.  I rescued her from the pound about 6 years ago and she is the best dog in the world. I know a lot of people say that, but I mean it.

After I rescued her I moved to a small town in North Dakota and that is where we grew inseparable. There is not a whole lot to do in a town of 70 so I would take her on dirt roads where we would work on her verbal leash and get her to the point of freedom. As you can see in the picture, she has her freedom but we still maintain having a leash for….show. We can run miles and miles and she remains within our compromised bounds, leash in mouth and maybe a stick.  She will bring me her collar in the morning and if I ask her to do her puppy stretches, she will gladly go downward dog, upward dog and belly up. You may be thinking well that doesn’t make her the greatest dog in the world, well this does.  There have been a few times where I have failed as a parent and she has had accidents in the house but where does she have these accidents….in the tub,  I did not teach her this and my only conclusion is that she has made sure I have had a potty buddy for the last 6 years and this area is where mom goes. True story.  

This is our newest addition Triton or Triton the Titan.  We rescued him from the Humane Society in September and when we first brought him home we noticed he was not in the best of shape.  He has sores on his feet, blisters on his nose, acne under his chin and he was balding in certain areas of his body.  We were given antibiotics but the results were not lasting.  During this time I started doing my own allergy tests and ended up with a Venison legume blend from Taste of the Wild and he has since healed.  I believe he is allergic to peanuts, grains, and maybe pollen but I cannot determine this til spring.  

As you can see I love my animals and I will love your animals.  Do they like Frisbee, tennis balls or  tug o’war? How about hiking, running and swimming? Or perhaps they enjoy brushings, chest scratches or neck scratches? That’s great because my dogs do too and I am doggy certified in all areas.  I recently became certified in pet CPR.


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Hi there, my name is Nikki and I love being outside and spending time with your pets! I grew up on the coast of Maine and my family always had a dog or two as well as guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, bunnies, chickens and hermit crabs. Most of my life my family has had miniature bull terriers (like the Target dog) and now that I live in Utah I have a dog of my own. I know how much he means to me, and I want to spoil your pets as much as I do my own!

I graduated from Keene State College in New Hampshire with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and I like working for Peace for Pets because it combines my love of being outdoors with my passion for animals. After graduating from college my fiancé and I did a cross-country road trip for 3 months and spent most of our time out west. We realized because of the outdoor recreation here, Utah was the place for us. We currently live in Oakley, and enjoy hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and going on adventures with our new dog Jukka. I am proud to be certified in pet CPR.


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Hello, my name is Jordan. I am 22 years old and I have always loved animals. I was born and raised in Utah.I have always had animals in my house where I grew up and most of them were rescues.I own a 2 year old Black Mouth Cur that we rescued off the streets of Mississippi. His name is Hunter and he is my fur baby. it has always been my dream to work with animals and one day I would like to become an owner of a similar company. One of my long term goals in life is to start a non-profit organization to help stray, abused and homeless pets.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to take care of your furry babies. I always make sure pets in my care are safe, spoiled and having fun. I love what I do and we have so much fun it doesn’t feel like work! I recently became pet CPR certified.

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