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Peace of Mind

Whether you have a last minute emergency trip, or need pet sitting for a future vacation, we are here to help. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. New clients are required to do a $20 consultation along with a temperament test to ensure your dog is safe with the pack.


We offer kennel free dog boarding and daycare adventures on our 40 acre fenced in ranch with private trails. We also provide luxury in-home pet care upon request to the Park City area. Your pets will love our customized care, and you will love our prices!


Our philosophy is to ensure your pet is healthy and at peace while you are away. Staying at the ranch is truly what your dog deserves. We customize all services and can accommodate most requests. All new and old clients are required to do a meet & greet with new management.


Peace For Pets' owner Breanna has a degree in zoology, and a passion for animal care. She is a new mom, avid outdoors woman and owner of various animals. The energetic staff is loyal and pet CPR certified. Park City dog boarding Peace for Pets is licensed, bonded and insured.


to Peace For Pets

We offer kennel free dog boarding, daycare adventures, and in home pet sitting.

Have you ever had a vacation planned but felt stressed out or anxious because you didn’t know what you were going to do with your beloved pets?

Peace For Pets is the answer to keeping you and your pets at peace while you are away. Whether you are going on a vacation, a weekday business trip, have a family emergency, or just working late, Peace For Pets will provide your pets with the best in pampering and care.

Your animals  may stay in the comfort of their own home without the stress of a kennel, or come to our fun and securely fenced in 40 acre ranch and run with the pack. Peace For Pets provides care for dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, livestock, and small pets alike.

We service Park City, Jeremy Ranch, Silver Summit, Summit Park and surrounding cities.


We ♥ Referrals

Refer a friend and get $15 off any service when they become a client.

Mention this and, first time clients, get 15% off any service!

Tips for Pet Care

♦ Some little to medium size dogs can have their trachea get pinched causing them to make a funny grunting noise while they are trying to breathe. This is sometimes called reverse sneezing and can sound very alarming. To help your pup you can blow down the nose and rub the neck muscles to help relax them.

♦ Never give your dog a cooked bone of any kind, especially chicken bones. They can splinter and rip your dogs intestine open and this is usually fatal. Some raw bones are ok but talk to your vet if you want a better opinion about raw bones or food.

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